Expressive Tek has been developing custom websites for over 15 years. We've developed our own, easily customizable Content Management System that gives you control to do the things that you need to do to manage and maintain your website. Our graphic designers work with you to create an inviting and engaging web site while our programmers provide all the custom and specialized functionality.

Why a Custom Website?
As you've certainly seen on TV and elsewhere, there are these so-called "FREE" website companies popping up with their cookie-cutter sites that have been created to be "all things to all people". Just like any other off-the-shelf software, it just never does exactly what you need it to do. For the last 15 years, Expressive Tek has never built the same site twice. Not because we didn't want to, it's because everybody has unique business needs. With a custom site, you control the design and the functionality. Does it cost more? Sure. But in the long run it pays for itself by helping your business improve through efficiency, communication, and visibility. Plus, you own it. It your site, your code. No-one can take that away, should someone decide that offering FREE websites don't pay the bills anymore. 

What's in an Expressive Tek site?
Whatever you want. Not just what we give you. With our exclusive, fully customizable Titan platform as the framework, it is very cost-effective to create new modules with the exact functionality you need along with numerous standard features such as Content Editing, Product Catalogs, Shopping Cart, Payment Processing, Inventory Control, Shipping Calculators, Blog, Newsletters and much more. 


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