When you need to be in control, you need a system that allows you to quickly and easily manage your website. Expressive Tek's  own Titan Content Management Platform was designed with you in mind. It's easy to use and easily customizable. With so many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, which one is right for you. I'll bet you'll find that there is not one that does everything that you need and want it to do. Expressive Tek has been developing websites for over 15 years and have never buiilt the same site twice. There is always features and functionality that are required that are specific to the client's needs, that they can't just get anywhere. That's were we come in. Not only to we offer a state-of-the-art CMS with all the basic features you would expect, but we offer features that don't exist yet; your features. No one has those. You can take a chance on a CMS like WordPress and hope that you can find a 3rd party plugin that does what you need it to do and hope that when you install that plugin that it doesn't break your system or compromise the security, but why when you can get exactly what you want, when you want it without any worries. We use our exclusive platform as the basis for everything we do including websites and web-based applications. We create a design or you supply a design for your website and Expressive Tek will build your new site in our platform and host it through our hosting partner or where ever you prefer to host your site. Here are the most common features that are standard with Titan.

Visual Page Editing

Manage all your content through the Content Editor where you can organize your pages, edit elements on your pages and drop in widgets suchs as Photo Gallery, Youtube Videos, Forms, and Slideshows.  You can see what the page will look like as you edit. Once you are done editing you can publish your new or updated page

Product Catalog

Enter or import product information. Three types of products are possible. A simple product that includes selectable options. A complex product which include single SKU's for combinations of options and products as kits. Products include Name, Description, Features, Tags, Images for each option, shipping specifications, tax requirements, and inventory requirements.

E-Commerce/Shopping Cart

The optional E-Commerce module adds a robust set of features that include Payment Processing, Shipping Calculators, Inventory Control, Sales and Specials, Buying Incentives, Coupons and Promotions.

Marketing & SEO Tools

Titan's SEO features makes sure your customers can easily find your site across all major search engines. It auto-generates your sitemap and integrates with Google Analytics to help you along the way. Add share links to all major social media site.

Customer Management

 Manage your customer using tags to organize and create targeted marketing campaigns, coupons, specials, and incentives.

Press Release/Latest News

Post press releases, news articles or the latest news about your company. The news is organized by date and provides an RSS feed.

Basic Blog

Create your own blog and post your thoughts and ideas for your customers. You can activate replies to allow your customers to reply to your posts.

Event Calendar

Create and maintain a calendar of events. Upcoming events can be placed anywhere in your site with a link to the full calendar. Events are displayed as pages where you can provide plenty of information.



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