At Expressive Tek, we excel in creating robust web-based, client/server applications. With are unique approach, you are always assured that you will get actually what you are looking for to enhance your business processes. Web-based applications allow easy, but secure, access for all employees and even clients to do the things they need to do. Whether it be sales, business processing, accounting or online client payments, all can be achieved in a robust and secure manner. You can integrate your internal accounting or inventory systems. You can track sales or employee performance and management clients more easily. You can provide self-service ordering for clients. The big advantages of having a custom system for your business is:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Communications
  • Improved Performance Analysis
  • Reduced Paper Work
  • Data Backup


Our approach is simple...we listen
First and foremost, we listen and learn. We sit down with you and learn your business and business process flow to start. Then, we interview any employee that you deem critical in the current business flow to learn what they do and how they do it and get ideas on how we can incorporate that into the system workflow. 

Once we have learned all that we can, we write up a detailed outline of what the end system will look like, we review with all involved, then create a screen-by-screen mockup and, once again, review the mockups with all involved. We will make any adjustments, finalize them in a second review. Once all is approved, we proceed to write all the necessary code and create the associated database and build a working prototype for review and testing. Once the testing phase it complete and all bugs are corrected, the system is put in place for use by you, your employees, and your clients. 


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