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Zeffert & Associates

Compliance File Review Processor





Zeffert & Associates is a unique company that performs much needed Government Guidline compliance verification and training for managers of low income housing projects where governement subsidies are involved. There is a lot a paper work required for these management companies and if they are not completed properly, then the subsidies are delayed and even rejected, which is not only a problem for the management companies, but the residents as well. Everyone needs a place to live, and waiting for the govnerment is not an option. Zeffert & Associates, with their highly trained auditors and specialists, provide an invaluable service by reviewing documents, blueprints, and building plans to make sure they all comply with the government requirements. Their team of experts also provide training for property and building managers to ensure that they are knowledgeable about all the govenment requirements. 

Compliance File Review Processor:
As you can imagine, there is a ton of paper work that has to be reviewed and processed. The results of every document reviewed, must be returned to the management company to make corrections to any errors that the auditors may have found and those corrections must be reviewed again before the auditor can put their stamp of approval on the final document. Before the Compliance Processor was in place, all auditors used pre-defined spreadsheets and Word documents to complete and track their audits. There was no centralized process or data structure. And when government rules and regulations changed, all the pre-defined spreadsheets had to be updated. Auditors had to type up their own reports and send them to the clients. As a result, the auditors were spending more time processing the results of their reviews, then the actual reviews themselves. Expressive Tek was called upon to help Zeffert & Associates put together a centralized processor that would free up the auditors to do what they do best and leave all their paperwork to the processor. Expressive Tek spent time with all involved to learn and understand their business processes and came back with the solution.

Today, the auditors can work from anywhere in the country through a centralized system that does all the heavy labor. The system not only facilitates and manages the document audits, it also processes the billing through it's integration with Sage 50. It provides instant updates and training when government rules change by performing it's own review, the providing the appropriate questions and alerts to the auditor based on the document they are reviewing. It combines all of the tools they need into one convenient location. 

Key Features:

  • Document File Import and Management
  • Processing Questions and Alerts
  • Review Audit notation and tracking
  • Automated processing of Review Results
  • Client Portal for Uploading new Documents for Review, Document Corrections, and Downloading Reports
  • Automated Billing through Sage 50 Integration
  • Audit trail for performance measuring
  • Report builder to create custom reports