A Case Study - Frontier Mortgage Loan Processing System


Frontier Mortgage

Loan Processing System




Frontier Mortgage, a midwest mortgage broker, suffered from too much paperwork and not enough throughput, processing bottlenecks, and either ill-trained personnel or human errors. That's when the founder of the company, came up with an idea; a central processing system. The founder was formerly a manufacturing process engineer before embarking in this business venture with his bothers, so he had a lot of really good ideas to fix the issues he was encountering. He needed a loan processing system that would be able to import data from a Loan Origination system such as Encompass. He needed the Loan Applications (Form 1003) to be pre-screened for common mistakes. He needed to be able track all the document gathering that was required to process a loan. And he needed to be able to track the performance of his staff. Expressive Tek helped facilitate his vision by bringing our technology expertise to the table and provide him with all the tools he needed.

Key Features:

  • Loan Data Import and Verification
  • Loan Questionaire for Loan Officers and Processors for Compliance
  • Loan Processing Checklist based on the loan type and details
  • Document Management - Upload and store all required documents for loan processing
  • Document Creation which allows multiple PDF's to be opened and pages merged together into one document all via a web interface