A Brief History
Expressive Tek was founded by Dan "Shoe" Shoemaker in 1998 in his spare bedroom as ShoeDesigns Multimedia. His focus at that time was all about graphic design and making those boring text-only sites more inviting by introducing graphics and interactive objects, as limited as they were, and competed against over 400 other website design companies that popped up in St. Louis at the time (most all of which have since gone), just in time for the DOTCOM boom. It wasn't until that famous IBM commercial touting programming and system integration over putting Flames on a logo, and a phone call from an elderly woman that needed special shoes designed for her (which Dan did not do, much to her disappointed, and anger, quite frankly, but Dan understood how she was confused, ShoeDesigns Multimedia?), which prompted Dan to take the company in a whole new direction. In 2000, ShoeDesigns Multimedia became Expressive Tek, Inc. and moved into an office with seven employees. Dan added programmers, specializing in web-based programming to his staff as well as learning the technology, himself. Through the last 15 years, Expressive Tek has been at the forefront of the technology and helped bring many companies out of the 20th century into the 21st. Guiding them and providing the technology to move their business from main street to the Internet. 

 A view from today...
Today, Expressive Tek is doing far more than websites. We work with companies to develop cutting-edge web-based systems providing tools for themselves, their employees, and their clients to improve and enhance their business processes to increase productivity, improve accuracy, improve communication, and increase throughput while improving efficiency. There are hundreds of "off-the-shelf" applications and programs out there, but none of them ever seem to do the exact things needed for any particular business. Those that do often dictate how the business is to be conducted rather that "fitting in" to the current business model. That's way cost-effective custom programming comes it. It works with an existing business model, because it is created based on that model.

Expressive Tek works alongside Graphic Design, Advertising and PR Firms as their technical backend. They can focus on what they do best and let us take care of the technology. These companies provide designs, site layouts and functionality specifications and we put it all together, set up hosting environments, databases, and provide the programming for any special functionality required. 

If you are looking for custom solutions for your business, or an interactive, integrated, web solution, or you would like to partner with Expressive Tek as your technical backend, we are here for you.

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